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    The company is a national high-tech enterprise, focusing on high-quality LED packaging. Due to the expansion of the company's business, the following positions are urgently hired:
    1、 Subsidy for multiple posts of welding line, solid crystal, sealing station, light distribution operator: 300-800 yuan, monthly comprehensive wage: 4500-6500 yuan
    Male and female, age 18-36 years old, junior high school education or above, good eyesight, operation welding line, solid crystal, sealing glue, light splitting machine, can adapt to night shift. There is room for promotion. All the machine maintenance and foremen in the company are promoted from within the staff.
    2、 Subsidy for multiple posts of quality control personnel: 300-800 yuan, monthly comprehensive wage: 4800-6500 yuan
    Male and female, age 18-35 years old, high school or technical secondary school degree or above, familiar with quality control personnel inspection process, have work experience in line inspection and incoming material inspection, have done LED industry priority, can adapt to night shift.
    3、 Monthly comprehensive salary for more than one month: 4000-7000 yuan.
    Male and female, age 18-35, college degree or above, major in mechanical and electrical or electronic is preferred. The promotion space is large, and the competent personnel will be promoted to machine repair technicians, engineers and management personnel of the company.
    4、 Salary and benefits

    1. The base salary is 2200 yuan, usually 1.5 times of overtime, 18.96 yuan / hour; the overtime on Saturday and Sunday is 2 times, 25.28 yuan / hour; the national statutory leave is 3 times, 37.92 yuan / hour;
    2. Package accommodation (provide three meals in the morning, middle and evening, air conditioning and hot water in the dormitory);
    3. Purchase social insurance, enjoy birthday gifts, public expense study and training;
    4. Tourism at the end of the year, work more than half a year to enjoy year-end bonus 600-2000 yuan.
    5、 Interview information
    Original of second generation ID card, valid health card within one year, 3 1-inch color photos
    6、 Interview location and contact information
    Tel: Miss ye 15914000532 address: No.7 Baisha Road, No.2 Industrial Zone, Xinqiao, Shajing (in Xinqiao Auto Parts City)

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